Singapore Airlines

Choose The Best Get The Best

One fine day as I was staring through my window my husband called me and said, Hey I have a news for you!!!!!!

What ? tell fast .. I found a sense of surprise and happiness in his voice and I couldn’t hold on…
Ok.. Finally I have got what we were waiting for a long time.I have got an opportunity to move to Singapore and this has to be within a month
What? that’s a fantastic news… wow Singapore.. I always wished to be there… This will be great for us…
My move to Singapore was almost for 2 months as I had to wrap up my commitments in India. After waiting for 2 months….finally the day came when I had to fly to Singapore.I was very inquisitive to fly in Singapore Airlines as my husband had given outstanding reviews about it.
Post completing all the formalities in the airport finally the moment arrived and as I was entering the flight I was feeling a a sense of excitement and anxiety as I was leaving the country and my dear ones but also was looking forward to a better future…
As I entered the flight the air-hostess greeted everyone with a warm welcome and wahhhhh!!!!! I had never seen such an amazing flight…. It was big spacious. As we came to our seats the pillows and blankets were already kept ready for use.. the boot space was very spacious and I could comfortably keep my baby’s bag down… The monitor on the screen had various entertainment avenues like serials, movies and music….
I suddenly remembered that the it was time for my son to be fed and I was not sure if his milk could be warmed and I had to give him during take-off to avoid ear blockage…
As a steward passed by I was not sure if this facility is provided. I asked ” Is it possible to warm the milk as I need to feed my baby during take- off?
The steward  poised for a moment and said “Sure Mam, will certainly make it at the time you need. Give me 10 minutes.. The flight was taking off in 15 minutes. I was so happy with the courteous behaviour of the staff and this impressed me on how much do they care for the customers needs.
Right before the take off I heard a voice next to me ” Mam here’s the babys’  milk. Hope the heat is fine for the baby”. I have never seen any body till date doing such a service. I was so touched by the service .
Once the fight took off I was able to feed my baby and he had a good sleep……
The refreshments came in time with various options from juice to mock-tails.. The choice of menu was spread for the customers to choose.
Timely attending and informing of necessities were done perfectly. Finally I landed in Singapore at 6am. Though that I have had so many journeys by flight but this was the first and best experience I had…. As rightly said first impression is the best impression
Thank you Singapore airlines for making my first trip to Singapore so special!!!!!