Who was he?


Who was he?

Rani was a vivacious, beautiful and charming girl. She was always fashion conscious and dreamt of owning a 5-carat diamond ring some day… She would always think that one day a rich handsome guy would propose her with a diamond ring. Nevertheless, her parents were trying to find a perfect match and being a middle-class family girl these were just a mere dream in her life….

Working in an MNC for almost 5 years finally knocked her doors of international opportunity to Paris  … the mecca of style and fashion. Rani was as much excited as it was one opportunity that she saw to get to where she wanted to.

Her friends always told her that it’s an amazing chance to find her love life an Indian rich NRI and Rani would blush…. She bid good bye to her parents and her excitements grew no bounds… As she landed in Paris she was just too overwhelmed with the culture and style and fashion she had never seen before….

Being a shopaholic she was always falling short of money but was saving enough to buy her dream ring. Rani’s office was in the main business area. The place she lived was near a mall which had everything she wanted from clothes, shoes, cosmetics and diamond jewelry. One evening Rani set out to explore the mall and stood in front of a jewelry shop and would keep staring at the diamond ring. Her mind would say Wow.. so beautiful. I wish I had it.. every day from work she would stand in front of the same shop. One day she noticed a shadow…. it was a man …

She was scared and pushed off. The shadow followed her for a while and then disappeared. Rani literally held her breath… This happened every day…. Rani then stopped going to the shop and started taking the other route to go home. She would fear of the black coat guy whom she saw in the Hindi films.

Rani’s birthday was approaching and she had invited her office collaeagues at home… Rani had always loved to dress up. She had bought a red dress from a near buy mall. Her  friend had bought her a lovely cake and they had a nice dinner with songs and dance and of-course her favorite Bollywood track…

Her friends had showered her with gifts and it made her day. It was 10 pm at night and was pretty cold. Her friends bid her a good-bye and she thanked them as well.

After freshening up she started opening the gifts one by one and till then a bell rang…. Rani froze….. It was 11.30 in the night… She was so scared and thought if the shadow of the man in the black coat reached her house. She went to the door and peeped through the peephole. There was no one. Her heart was beating so fast and she was sweating.

With great strength, she opened the door and gave a voice asking “Who is it? There was absolute silence .. the cold wind hit her face. She was about to close the door and something hit her toes.

It was a tiny packet. Rani picked the gift and there was a card attached to the gift, it read to the Most Beautiful Girl…. Happy Birthday!!!!.. She was exited as well as tensed…

She sat on her bed and as she opened the tiny box she couldn’t believe her eyes.. It was the same diamond ring and it came it with a message

Will you marry me?… Rani’s eyes watered.. she was so over whelmed and didnt know what to do….

She stood across the window gazing at the sky.. the stars were never so beautiful … and she thought to herself and with a smile she said Who was he?…..




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