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The day you turn 23 the word marriage has already hit your head… yes and its swirling all around you.

At family functions, visitors at home, on the telephone while chatting .. Gosh it’s everywhere.. like sugar… it’s everywhere…

Radhika was the eldest daughter of 2 in a small nuclear family in Mumbai she was known by that house name … after completing her MBA the next agenda of her life was Marriage… Her mother was already going nuts as if the marriage was to happen in the next one hour. She just wanted to run away.. but she knew that one day or the other she had to get married.

As usual her profile was registered on Tamil Matrimony and if this was not enough few other recommendations from aunties and elderly folks. Time passed things were going not so smooth. First of all, there was this astrologer whom her mother consults who asked her to do some poojas… a list of problems, star, time, raasi and what and all…

One astrologer to another sending and receiving emails. The common answer from boys side the horoscope doesn’t match, the girl needs to be in US and blah… blah.. The boys she met for coffee couldn’t get materialized.

This was on for some time until she decided that now she will take some steps. She re-registered her profile and didn’t let her parents know it. It was a pretty open information compared to what her parents had put. She changed her photo as she was prettier at 26 now… Having worked abroad gave her more scope to alliances.

One day, as usual, she was browsing the internet and logged in to the matrimony site. Little did she know that this time it’s going to change her life. As she was browsing she came across a profile which she felt was a good fit. But she was in a dilemma if she must or not. But a bit of confusion in mind she sent a mail to the boy’s party. Little did she know that this would be a turning point in her life.

To her surprise, the boy accepted the profile. It was a Sunday afternoon and the phone bell rang. A female voice said can I talk to your father, thinking of a regular phone call I passed it on to my dad. As they were talking Radhika figured that it was the same profile she had sent an interest in. Her joy knew no boundaries…..

Post discussion of parents it finally came to both her and the boy talking and as time went by they liked each other and the marriage was fixed. It was a happy moment for both the families. The marriage went off well…

Radhika today is a wife to a guy who is a cute, smart and charming boy.. and as years passed by both of them joke of the crazy people they met during their search for alliance and in between a small cute boys voice comes and out and her loving son just jumps in to the bed filling their times with laughter and happiness…

Anuradha Mahesh

A Media Professional blogging about my personal experiences through travel, daily life, parenting and my childhood experiences.

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