Super foods make Super brains

Super foods make Super brains


When it comes to kids it’s always a thought that goes into a moms head… So is mine .. my three years old boy is someone who always keeps me busy..

As elders say eating is not important, what the kids eat is important hence, from a young age it’s important to give foods which will help them stay healthy…

Some foods which I believe as a mom kids can have are below:-

  1. Dal khichdi – Moong dal is protein and Rice has the carb. Mixed with veggies like carrots, beans, pumpkin, cabbage, beetroot, potatoes make a good meal…
  2.  Ghee – Ghee made from cows milk make a good bowel movement. Everyday dabble a spoon either in rice or Chappatis ..
  3. Dry fruits – Cashews, Badam, Pista, Dates, walnuts.. these contain, Vitamins and essential oils which give energy and sharper brains
  4. Oats – A source of high fiber and extremely healthy. Either make it like a porridge with toppings if different fruits like apples and bananas
  5. Eggs- High source of  protein, very good source of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc
  6. Supplements – Fish oil or gummies which contain fish oils of shark or tuna is extremely healthy. This is a good option for veggies…
  7. Milk – High source of calcium and good for bones. You can always make shakes or give the favorite drink of kids like Milo or Horlicks
  8. Raagi – High protein content and very healthy

It’s so amazing to see our kids develop and that they become much smarter and super …..

I love experimenting foods, so do you as well?

Anuradha Mahesh

A Media Professional blogging about my personal experiences through travel, daily life, parenting and my childhood experiences.

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