Swachh Bharat Shining Bharat #BlogToPM

Dear Modiji,

Its truly appreciative effort from your ends to aim to make India a #Swachh Bharat. However, there is much to do..

Every year we see so much written about sanitization, garbage, flooding, bribes, punishment, tougher laws, better access to citizens on basic laws, better transportation etc etc.. but I would like to highlight certain key issues still prevailing in our system.


  1. Toilets – 3 years ago was launched India’s biggest cleanliness movement – Swachh Bharat Mission, states were given money to build toilets and monetary incentives to private players to process municipal waste and make compost or generate electricity, we have already passed 2 years from the action date is there any way to gauge how effective the toilet construction exercise has been in bringing about the sanitization behavioural change? In first world countries be it mall or station the toilets are just worth visiting without even a single rupee paid.
    Hence as tourists, it gives a different perspective on cleanliness. Can we ensure that the toilets at tourist places and local places are well kept? at least to make it a good feel for the locals and tourists
  2. Basic Education to Girl child – Can there be a rule in the country that every girl child must have a right to basic education?. Make it compulsory for them to go to schools. Let the  NGO’s be given this fruitful task.
  3.  Fine on trains – It not just the metro or the monorails the local trains that carry lakhs of passengers to work every day, Can there be a system to not eat in trains? First world countries have taken serious steps to ensure that their transport system is neat. Can the govt take steps to educate this in the minds of people and instill a discipline to not eat in trains? Heavy fines must be imposed on those caught

      4. Garbage segregation in the minds of people – While giving importance to segregate wet and dry waste

why not  remove the garbage out of peoples mind

– Educate them about throwing garbage on any roads, especially in front of schools, medical places like hospitals

– Impose a heavy fine on theft and other scrupulous activities. If caught should be punished. Speed up the process. Justice takes too much time.  They must be deterred to behave in that way.

– Impose food and water sanitization. Compulsory washing of hands before cooking or eating

– Traffic signal defaults and over speeding be caught and fined heavily

5. Better roads – Can we have pot-free roads? Can the government ensure that before every rain all the garbage and plastic is taken off roads?  Can the roads be so good that the office commuters don’t face the trouble of traffic jams? Trains can they have closed doors to avoid accidents? Mumbai trains carry lakhs of people. People sitting on the trains, leaning out etc… can this stop?

Can there be shades on the footpath and make it easy for travelers and also protection from rain?Can we look at other international countries the laws, facilities, and life the citizens?

  It must just not be Swachh Bharat it must be  Shining Bharat #BlogToPM

Thank you blogadda for this opportunity


Thanks for your consideration # Blog To PM


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