Joy of riding!!!

While on an outing to a garden small kids were riding cycle. Some riding fluently some learning, some falling, dads teaching how to ride a cycle and some kids want to race.

Seeing them it took me down memory lane as to how we could rent cycle in our locality for as low as INR 25 Paise for half an hr and 50 paise of 1 hr. I do remember my father running behind me and scolding me when I didn’t press the brakes on time or didn’t see people walking on road etc… but that was learning. The fun moments were when the proficiency became a “JOY of RIDING”.

Incidentally one day one of my friends in the condominium pinged and asked if I would want to join Cycling to Bukit Batok Nature Park, I immediately said yes but had a lot of apprehension in mind. I had not driven cycle for a long time.

Thanks to all cycle companies like ofo, o bike, grab cycles now riding becomes easy and less hassle. Just to try if I could, I took the cycle from my child’s kindergarten back home.

First I wobbled, then braked, then stopped… Hurray!!!!!! I can ride I haven’t forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We set on taking our cycles to Batok Nature Park. The beauty of the riding path is that there are pavements meant for park connectors that make the route less confusing.

We were 4 and as we took off the fun had started… my olden days were flashing in front of my eyes, the laughter, smiles and the shoutings, the traffic, the honks, the falling, getting the puncture fixed.. everything just came up just in front of the eyes within a second…..

Then I realized……

When you are young riding cycle is fun… As you grow older its becomes “Joy of Riding”




Anuradha Mahesh

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