2 never to miss places in China

If you ever plan a trip to China with short duration there 2 never to miss places in my travel recommendation

  1. Disneyland in Shanghai
  2. Great wall of China

My main visit to Disneyland in Shanghai was also because of its one of the largest in the world and huge in the expanse. My 3.5-year-old was already knowing the key characters of Disney which made it exciting for him as well

One tip: Avoid visiting on weekends as the waiting time for rides is too long.

My first experience was also very special after all we get a chance to view the magical place

The first ride was a merry-go-round – which reminds the poem Merry go round the mulberry bush… and of course, the demand of the purple horse was fulfilled


Meeting with the Starwars


Disney Castle


Meeting Winnie the Pooh

Meeting Winnie the Pooh


Disney Clock


Entrance of Disneyland



Beijing is a very historical place, hence if you are a history person then this is a must visit. I was thoroughly impressed with the Great Wall of China. I call it “A long Beast”. It takes at least half a day hence carry food and water, though there are enough restaurants.


The best way to start your walk is via ropeway or cable car and once you finish either you can come back the same route else take Toboggan and have a fun sliding all the way down




Toboggan ride


Great wall of China




If Clouds became a Genie…

Have you ever thought in your wild dreams if clouds ever became a genie… then how would you have seen yourself as…

Well, Arabian nights have always fascinated me so maybe I would love being Aladdin with my magic lamp. I love traveling so Clouds can become my Aeroplane and take me all over the world:)

When I am thirsty it can pour water right into my mouth… Oh!!! I am being a bit lazy…

When my kid wants to have a bubble bath I can just have all the clouds around him making  white lather on his head and face

If I want to eat pasta and Pizza he will take me to Italy to have the most authentic one…

If I want to eat chocolates then he will make a candy rainfall for me…

He would pour the clouds on to my hair like a hot coconut oil giving a nice spa.. god I saved time from going to spa center…

If ever I wanted to see god dancing he would transform clouds into 7 headed Serpents and dance above them. The thunder and lighting and storm would form the background score…

Above all my wish to him would be:-

  1. If ever the world had a water crisis he would make a downpour and free the place out of water problems and
  2. If ever there was a flood disaster he would fight the monster clouds and save the people…