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Sandhya, Rahul, and Diya were a happy and small family living in Mumbai’s suburbs. Life has always been busy with a little time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Life was so hectic with home and office that wishing was just a mere tick in the box…

Unfortunately, both their birthdays had always come on weekdays giving them little time to celebrate. But this time was different. Sandhya’s birthday was upcoming and this time it was on  Saturday. Rahul’s Mom called him and said

Hope you remember its Sandhya’s birthday today… This time at least do something different … Rahul suddenly thought that 5 years have passed by and life has just taken a roller coaster ride. Sandhya, as usual, got up early in the morning and was doing her routine. But something was eating her. Rahul had not wished her since morning.

Everyone except him had wished her. She was feeling a weird churning in her stomach. Rahul was continuously on phone talking to someone. Sandhya was so tempted to find what he is all up to as Saturday was a typical grocery shopping day and Diya had her drawing classes. In the late afternoon around 3 pm, Sandhya was getting ready to go to the market. Rahul came in and said that he is not wanting to cone today as he had to meet his friend and that he had committed. For Sandhya, this one hour was the only time she was getting to spend with Rahul alone as Diya would be in her class. Him not coming today sounded very weird for Sandhya. She said bye and set out to the market.

All while in the auto rickshaw Sandhya was thinking what was wrong today… As Sandhya was away. Rahul Felt very guilty that he never even made an attempt to make even one Birthday special for Sandhya. He quickly called his friend who works for an event management company and arranged a surprise for her. He had never done it before except for Diya’s birthday.

It was 5 in the evening and Sandhya was on her way home. She was so upset that the one man for whom she had done everything didn’t even bother to wish her. As she walked to her apartment she found lots of shoes at her doorstep. She thought for a second if something went wrong. Her heart was pounding at an unthinkable rate.

She slid the key and She turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door.. her heart was saying something but her mind was not accepting it.. As she opened the door, she came into the living room. It was completely dark and silent and suddenly there was a big blast of balloons and the lights came on … there was a whole lot of her friends and Rahul’s friends all singing “Happy Birthday to Sandhya”. It was the most unexpected surprise she had ever expected. Her eyes were all with tears while her face was all blushing.

Rahul walked towards her and gave her a rose wishing her in a more special way. They cut the cake and sang songs. This was like a dream for Sandhya that she had ever thought of something like this. As the day ended Rahul and Sandhya had a sweet corner for themselves in her house while Rahul kissed her hand and said how guilty he was all these years of not to make it special for her and they happily held each other’s hand and gazed at the stars in the sky…

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