What If…


What If, I wish I could get a 55 inch TV. I always wished for one.. only if it was available for the cost of half the size of the TV

What if only I could visit the whole world sitting on a Genie..

What if I could become an astronaut for a day and feel what it looks to be in space.

What if only buying a house in Beverly hills was just like doing street shopping..

What if  I could act with George Clooney

What if I could become Krishna and make all the ladies run behind me..

What if My house could be a Caravan..

What if I could have the power to reverse the clocks

What if I could get a chance to be goddess like that in Television serials

What if my life was like Bunty Aur Babli

What if I was a Sun who could wake up a romantic couple..

What if I was ocean , just so that I could kiss the rocks..

What if I could just be a Spider man and save the world…….

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Anuradha Mahesh

A Media Professional blogging about my personal experiences through travel, daily life, parenting and my childhood experiences.

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