The last time he saw her …


WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her


Ram was staying at a posh house facing the sea. Every evening he went for a walk for a beach and one fine day he saw a very similar looking face he had seen many years ago

He went back and started checking his old photos. His mother gave a shout… Ram, it’s getting late for dinner .. Ram said Ma I am a bit busy I will join a bit late… He was rushing through his photos and found a similar face. His old college friend Sneha… He decided to meet her and say hi…

But he knew her from her younger days as they were neighbors and she was a crazy girl. He remembered her cheating by throwing sand in his face and since then he never spoke to her. She became his enemy and she had gotten into a fight with him and literally punched his face… Last time he saw her she was learning Kickboxing…

Last time he saw her she was in the same engineering college as he was. Ram used to run away from her. Last time he saw her she was a wreck, boring, totally unorganized and aloof, She had become fat eating due to constant stress.

He managed to connect with her on Facebook and he couldn’t believe that she was the one as now she was changed… Beautiful, working and had been to many foreign countries. He met her over a coffee and he just couldn’t take off her eyes. They really didn’t know where to start but. But last time he saw her he owed her a chocolate and this time he gave her one as a start of their friendship journey

Ram couldn’t sleep that night. He stood in his balcony and was thinking about Sneha. Why? The whole world was behind him but why was he was having a special bond for her which he never knew. His friends told him that he has fallen for Sneha…

Last time he saw her in school they became friends and they shared a white rose

Last time he saw her in college he gave her a yellow rose as he wanted to mark his friendship with her as he always saw she had something in her

Last time he saw her on their farewell day he wanted to give her a pink rose as he started to feel for her and didn’t know what it was. But he had seen her broken and frustrated. Sneha had distanced herself from him.

Last time he saw her in a coffee shop after 5 years he knew he wanted to hold her hand forever. He went over to his garden and plucked a rose and yes this time it was red… As Ram saw the rose he had a smile at the corner of his face.

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