Why Parks must be in the do to list of parents

Every weekend goes planning outdoors especially when it comes to kids. Keeping them busy is always a strenuous task. Most of the time television takes away their time or school homework and many classes. But do we think that even kids become stressful in their lives and they get very little time to spend with parents

Parks become a great place for not only kids but also parents to bond. They can be engaged in various activities like

renting a cycle and going on a ride around the park, doing a daytime lunch by packing some fruits and sandwiches, reading storybooks and playing peek a boo behind trees.

Parks also give other means of entertainment such as play area for kids like swings, slides and climbing bars to strengthen their gross motor skills. Some parks have sand pits where kids can play and create various sand arts.

There are also opportunities for fishing and this can be a great way to bond.

Parks also give an opportunity for kids to get educated. They learn about different kinds of flowers, vegetables and the importance of maintaining greenery.

Parents must look forward to parks as it not only builds a bond between family but also acts as a facilitator for kids both physically and emotionally.




Climbing on rope
Playing on a big tunnel
Lotus Park
Vegetable cultivation
Growing different kind of plants




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