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#Sons Share the load

Phone bell rings “Tring Tring”, suddenly a very gentle voice said Yes Beta, so hows your trip on? Hope everything is fine? Yes, Papa… said a young voice.. the hiking was awesome but it was too hectic and my legs are aching. Never mind, I will be home this evening, I have too much to do and even after I get back.. since it rained my clothes have become too dirty. Its gonna take ages to get them cleaned. Hahaha, laughed Mr Bhatia, well son, don’t worry that’s not a big deal, Ma is there right she will handle it… You just be back…

Just then Mrs Bhatia answered from back What should I handle? Well, your son is stressed that hiking has soiled all his good clothes. Mrs Bhatia smirked and said still a kid.. yes But this kid needs to grow up.. Until when will he be dependent on you? said, Mr Bhatia. He will said, Mrs Bhatia trust he is back today right?? Yes, so tomorrow will be his day. What said Mr Bhatia? meaning tomorrow will be a Sonday and not Sunday. Trust me.

That day evening Rohan came back home all tired but was very happy. He hugged his Mom and said “Ma I am so tired and hungry.. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have just a day to rest and I have to unpack and prepare for college as well. Ma put her hand over Rohan’s head and said, don’t worry, rest today after all tomorrow is Sonday!!! Rohan thought of it like a joke..

Finally, the long-awaited Sunday came, and as Rohan got up he saw from his room balcony that his Father was busy washing the clothes. Suddenly Rohan remembered that he had to wash his clothes as well. He opened his bag and quickly ran downstairs. He hugged his dad and said “Good morning”
“Dear, where are soiled clothes”? Rohan’s dad asked. Rohan was already standing with them. Oh .. so you are ready for your day??? My day yes Son day??

Where is ma asked Rohan? Today is her off day. So its our day? Rohan was confused. He asked, if she has her day then who will wash all my clothes? Rohan’s father answered ” You will”. What me?? No way I can’t, Mom has to do it. Its her job. I haven’t even ever tried doing it?

Rohan’s father said, Has there been any day where the food on your table has not come on time? Has there been any day in a week that you haven’t had your clothes ironed? Has there been any day in a week where you haven’t got your chocolate milk before sleeping? Have you done anything once for your mom and let her know that she is not a machine and she deserves her space as well as much as we do??? We work for 8 hrs a day so that’s 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday. But she works for at least 16 hrs a day for 6 days a week and that’s almost Double of what we do. So don’t you think that she also needs a break?

You know Rohan a mother feels proud of her child when she sees that her child is knowledgeable and independent to carry out his things and not look at people as crutches. By the way, today is “Mothers Day”, what said Rohan? I completely forgot. I have to buy her something. Not required said his dad. If you really want to surprise her then make this Sunday a Sonday, by showing that you can wash your clothes independently. But I don’t know how to? Common I will teach you today.

  • First separate your whites and colored clothes.
  • 2nd step soak your jeans separately as they are heavy and needs an extra wash
  • Soak your extra soiled clothes in detergent water.
  • Post soaking them wash them part by part. Choose the jeans option in the washing machine as they require a heavy wash
  • You can use the quick mode for whites and fuzzy mode for other soiled clothes.

All this will take at least an hr or more till then I will make you a cup of tea. Post an hour and a half all the clothes were hung and Rohan’s mother came home from her Yoga class and it was time for lunch. She was surprised to find that the lunch was already served on the table and there came a surprise.. It was Rohan who served lunch and hugged her and said,“Thanks Ma for everything, You mean the world to me.”. Tears rolled out of Mrs Bhatias’eyes. Post lunch Rohan and his mother took a stroll in their garden and the fresh smell of Ariel Washing Powder came. Mrs. Bhatia said Oh dear, I need to wash your clothes.

#Share the load Movement

My son helping with laundry

Rohan then held her hand and said Ma, today is my day your Sons day and he showed her all his clothes which he had washed. It was the best day in his life and that Rohan had learned that by giving a helping hand in laundry doesn’t make him lower on his status of being a Son. He then says that “from now on every Sunday is your Sons day “. They both hold hands and laughed about all the amazing moments he had on his trip. The fragrance of Ariel detergent thereafter became a part of his every Sunday.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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