Art of maintaining a good wardrobe for Kids

Art of maintaining a good wardrobe for Kids

My husband had been to Bangalore for a cousins wedding and I had asked him to get some night dresses for my son. But thanks to my mom that she had done lots of cloth shopping for my son and she had bought a few night suits for my son. But yes, I did ask her to get a few pants only but, in the name of discount, she bought an entire market itself. If all that was not enough my son’s clothes were so much that It had become difficult for me to handle all his clothes. New getting mixed with old and some had to be worn due to just fit in size.

Before arranging the wardrobe

My husband came back with what I thought was a few were 2 full cartons of clothes. My head was swirling like a whirlpool thinking ” How am I ever going to store them and use them on time?”. So yes it was wardrobe cleaning time. I just stared into my son’s cupboard not knowing to start.


I started with T-shirts. It had the old ones which I kept aside to be sent to my housemaid’s kids.

Then separated the regular wears which my son uses for his playground time

The newer ones went on a separate rack and they would be used only for parties or outings.

The outsized ones would be kept on a separate pouch with a time set on it.

Pants/Jeans –

Old pants, tight pants and fades ones to be discarded.

Fitting jeans and pants to be used frequently for regular wear to be kept separately and within reach, as we need it more frequently.

New pants and jeans to be kept separately along with new T-shirts.

Big size ones to be kept separate.

Traditional clothes – As these are required on certain occasions they can be kept in a pouch and removed when to be used.

Undergarments and vests can be kept together on a shelf as they go together

Swimwear – All swimwear items like caps, glasses, and polos can be clubbed together.

Uniforms – As we require it daily, we can either choose to keep it in a separate shelf to place it on a hanger

Woolen Clothes – These can be nicely washed, ironed or dry washed and kept for winters.

After Arranging the wardrobe

All these arrangements took nearly more than an hour but it was worth the time invested as now my little ones wardrobe is much neater and easier to work on.

3 things learnt from this initiative by Blogadda and Ariel. Thank you #BlogAdda and #ShareTheLoad movement for the Contest. 

This is one thing that every mom will have on her agenda list as kids have a tendency to mess up the wardrobes very easily.

  1. # Never over buy clothes – As parents, we like to have the best clothes for our kids but overbuying can cause to not able to wear all of them as some of them unknowingly go small and unnoticed. Kids grow very fast so it’s possible that they will wear a dress either once or maybe never.
  2. Saves a lot of time– Cleaning the Wardrobe makes tasks with kids much easier. I just loved it. It’s an amazing stress buster. It’s now, easier to plan for weeks to come I know what I am going and it’s going to save a lot of time. Moms would bet on that
  3. “Charity beings at home” – Yes we have learnt about it in school days but, now when we implement it, it gives an immense pleasure at heart. I have seen that when your maid comes happily saying that her son loves your son’s clothes it gives a much different feeling inside.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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