Sonday is a fun day with clothes folding day

Sonday is a fun day with clothes folding day

We had just returned from a vacation and had a lot of washing to be done. It had all clothes from jeans to shirts, pants. We were three of us and you can imagine the number of clothes which had to be washed.

I remember my younger days when I saw my mother folding the whole families clothes and she even does it now. Its that when I #shared the load and learnt the art of folding clothes.

Thanks to Ariel and Blogadda that I was able to learn the perfect way to fold shirts as that was the most challenging parts

  1. Placing square cardboard in between the T-shirts give them a perfect fold.
  2. The towels can be folded either in a rectangle manner or long depending on the space
  3. Jeans can be folded and rolled to avoid space crunch
  4. Sarees can be folded in a rectangle manner or can be rolled
  5. Formal shirts can be folded by keeping cardboard in the center of the shirt as well

When I was doing the folding of clothes my little son came to me and said Amma I want to help you.. I was so moved by his little gesture and this took me back to when I was young and # Shared the load of my mother so did my son lend his hand to # Shared the load. Of course the 30 sec challenge was also fun with my little son.

Learning to fold clothes

 When women can handle home & office after marriage, why the men can’t learn to handle home with office. Teach your son to #ShareTheLoad.

 Join the activity from Ariel & blogadda – #ShareTheLoad. This is a perfect platform to let the world know that a home belongs to both men and women .

” After all you need TWO hands to clap”.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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