Surprise at the door !!!



Sandhya, Rahul, and Diya were a happy and small family living in Mumbai’s suburbs. Life has always been busy with a little time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Life was so hectic with home and office that wishing was just a mere tick in the box…

Unfortunately, both their birthdays had always come on weekdays giving them little time to celebrate. But this time was different. Sandhya’s birthday was upcoming and this time it was on  Saturday. Rahul’s Mom called him and said

Hope you remember its Sandhya’s birthday today… This time at least do something different … Rahul suddenly thought that 5 years have passed by and life has just taken a roller coaster ride. Sandhya, as usual, got up early in the morning and was doing her routine. But something was eating her. Rahul had not wished her since morning.

Everyone except him had wished her. She was feeling a weird churning in her stomach. Rahul was continuously on phone talking to someone. Sandhya was so tempted to find what he is all up to as Saturday was a typical grocery shopping day and Diya had her drawing classes. In the late afternoon around 3 pm, Sandhya was getting ready to go to the market. Rahul came in and said that he is not wanting to cone today as he had to meet his friend and that he had committed. For Sandhya, this one hour was the only time she was getting to spend with Rahul alone as Diya would be in her class. Him not coming today sounded very weird for Sandhya. She said bye and set out to the market.

All while in the auto rickshaw Sandhya was thinking what was wrong today… As Sandhya was away. Rahul Felt very guilty that he never even made an attempt to make even one Birthday special for Sandhya. He quickly called his friend who works for an event management company and arranged a surprise for her. He had never done it before except for Diya’s birthday.

It was 5 in the evening and Sandhya was on her way home. She was so upset that the one man for whom she had done everything didn’t even bother to wish her. As she walked to her apartment she found lots of shoes at her doorstep. She thought for a second if something went wrong. Her heart was pounding at an unthinkable rate.

She slid the key and She turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door.. her heart was saying something but her mind was not accepting it.. As she opened the door, she came into the living room. It was completely dark and silent and suddenly there was a big blast of balloons and the lights came on … there was a whole lot of her friends and Rahul’s friends all singing “Happy Birthday to Sandhya”. It was the most unexpected surprise she had ever expected. Her eyes were all with tears while her face was all blushing.

Rahul walked towards her and gave her a rose wishing her in a more special way. They cut the cake and sang songs. This was like a dream for Sandhya that she had ever thought of something like this. As the day ended Rahul and Sandhya had a sweet corner for themselves in her house while Rahul kissed her hand and said how guilty he was all these years of not to make it special for her and they happily held each other’s hand and gazed at the stars in the sky…

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Some Might Say That It’s Wrong To…

When I think of this Some Might Say That It’s Wrong To… many thoughts come to my mind… some hilarious and some serious. Many instances in life go through different phases and at different places and different situations .. so come let’s have a look at some of the emotions that Some Might Say That It’s Wrong To…


Small kids have multiple ways to fuse your brains… Imagine a kid who has completely messed up his colors and has all the drawing done on him and not on the book .. Oops !!!! Mom is furious .. U have just had a bath and all this now.. how many times would you do this?

Imagine Dad’s white shirt kept for ironing becomes a drawing board…

Imagine if your kid has just started having of washing hand with bubbles and he puts his hand into the toilet … Gosh.. its plight of sight…

Mummy says its wrong to do this and that… and guess what the child does?????

He shows off his dazzling teeth which is just filled with chocolates which he has just gulped without telling his mama ….


This is a classic case of getting annoyed… all of us likes gaming.. especially candy crush… Nowadays considering that we are just a so not able to live without that .. Imagine a kid peeping in to your game not only that also thinks of it as if he owns it and matches the candies without even asking you.. Ah… Mummy is looking from the opposite seat and nods her head, she says That It’s Wrong To touch others Phone…


One old aunty is very much interested in knowing what the handsome hunk is typing to his lady love .. she is making all sorts of tactics to peep into the phone and one stare of her husband says Please it’s shameful … and That It’s Wrong snooping to others phone


Hiding: Saas Bahu Saaaga. Every villain either, bua ji or chachi in the house wants to get into CID mode and overhear what the new saas and bahu are up to .. Varna tadka kaise lagega … right when bua ji is peeping via the door , bua sa comes and clears his throat…

Biwi looks like you are jobless It’s Wrong To peep into others room .. Shall I get you spare ears ?? Maybe you may just want to leave it everyone’s room 



Ah… I remember a scene from Zindagi  Na  Milegi Dobara where the boy announces that he is going to give a surprise to his lady-love who is his mother and accidentally ends up putting it into the hands of his best friend

Some Might Say That It’s Wrong To just give too expensive gift that too in front of your Mother.

Mom thinks… Waah kya surprise hai beta kamse kam bataya hota


Situations will keep coming and going but what is important is one to think what is right and wrong and take appropriate actions and stand up for what you think is right and wrong

I remember this beautiful line from Amar Prem movie…

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kahana

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If Clouds became a Genie…

Have you ever thought in your wild dreams if clouds ever became a genie… then how would you have seen yourself as…

Well, Arabian nights have always fascinated me so maybe I would love being Aladdin with my magic lamp. I love traveling so Clouds can become my Aeroplane and take me all over the world:)

When I am thirsty it can pour water right into my mouth… Oh!!! I am being a bit lazy…

When my kid wants to have a bubble bath I can just have all the clouds around him making  white lather on his head and face

If I want to eat pasta and Pizza he will take me to Italy to have the most authentic one…

If I want to eat chocolates then he will make a candy rainfall for me…

He would pour the clouds on to my hair like a hot coconut oil giving a nice spa.. god I saved time from going to spa center…

If ever I wanted to see god dancing he would transform clouds into 7 headed Serpents and dance above them. The thunder and lighting and storm would form the background score…

Above all my wish to him would be:-

  1. If ever the world had a water crisis he would make a downpour and free the place out of water problems and
  2. If ever there was a flood disaster he would fight the monster clouds and save the people…


Joy of riding!!!

While on an outing to a garden small kids were riding cycle. Some riding fluently some learning, some falling, dads teaching how to ride a cycle and some kids want to race.

Seeing them it took me down memory lane as to how we could rent cycle in our locality for as low as INR 25 Paise for half an hr and 50 paise of 1 hr. I do remember my father running behind me and scolding me when I didn’t press the brakes on time or didn’t see people walking on road etc… but that was learning. The fun moments were when the proficiency became a “JOY of RIDING”.

Incidentally one day one of my friends in the condominium pinged and asked if I would want to join Cycling to Bukit Batok Nature Park, I immediately said yes but had a lot of apprehension in mind. I had not driven cycle for a long time.

Thanks to all cycle companies like ofo, o bike, grab cycles now riding becomes easy and less hassle. Just to try if I could, I took the cycle from my child’s kindergarten back home.

First I wobbled, then braked, then stopped… Hurray!!!!!! I can ride I haven’t forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We set on taking our cycles to Batok Nature Park. The beauty of the riding path is that there are pavements meant for park connectors that make the route less confusing.

We were 4 and as we took off the fun had started… my olden days were flashing in front of my eyes, the laughter, smiles and the shoutings, the traffic, the honks, the falling, getting the puncture fixed.. everything just came up just in front of the eyes within a second…..

Then I realized……

When you are young riding cycle is fun… As you grow older its becomes “Joy of Riding”




Italian connection

When you think of a romantic date a candlelight dinner can never be complete without wine and pasta. Pasta always has been seen as food for special occasions, but in due course, the way the dish is looked at has changed.

My liking to explore pasta got enthusiasm when a little one at home expressed his liking for pasta. Yes, Pasta!!!

There began a journey to the world of colorful kinds of pasta… We know pasta is white which is cream cheese, red which is arrabiatta , pesto which is green… BUT have you ever imagined a pink or orange pasta in front of you

Yes, it’s different to eyes but healthy to eat… So here’s my version of healthy pasta


PINK Pasta

  1. Pick Pasta of your choice – Usually, either penne, fusilli or spaghetti is most preferred..


  • Boil Pasta in water with oil and bit of salt. Cook it well, strain and run with cold water
  • Sauce:-
    • 2 tbsp of refined flour, saute in butter until the raw fragrance goes,
    • Add 2 cups of milk – I prefer low fat, mix well and add a bit of salt
    • Add crushed pepper and Italian seasoning

Now for the color – Kids like vibrant colors, so healthy always goes colorful. The icing to this is to add a combination of veggies to get the pink …

Carrots+ Beetroots – yes that’s the combo!!!

Beetroot is rich in fibre, exerting favorable effects on bowel function, which may assist in preventing constipation and help to lower cholesterol levels too.

Carrot The health benefits of carrots include reduced cholesterol, lower risk of heart attacks, prevention of certain cancers, improved vision, and reduced signs of premature aging. premature aging. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamin A, C, K, and B8, as well as pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese.

So Knowing the benefits how do we get the colors… Take the number of carrots more and less of beetroot in the ratio of 1:0.5 to get the perfect pink……

Pink Pasta with spinach

Orange Pasta – Follow the same steps except that there is no Beetroot.

Orange Pasta


When emotions get mixed with pasta the below is the abbreviation is what I see. This is my abbreviation of Pasta….

P – Passion

A – Accurate

S – Soulful

T – Timeless

A – Ageless

“Happy meal Always healthy meal”

Swachh Bharat Shining Bharat #BlogToPM

Dear Modiji,

Its truly appreciative effort from your ends to aim to make India a #Swachh Bharat. However, there is much to do..

Every year we see so much written about sanitization, garbage, flooding, bribes, punishment, tougher laws, better access to citizens on basic laws, better transportation etc etc.. but I would like to highlight certain key issues still prevailing in our system.


  1. Toilets – 3 years ago was launched India’s biggest cleanliness movement – Swachh Bharat Mission, states were given money to build toilets and monetary incentives to private players to process municipal waste and make compost or generate electricity, we have already passed 2 years from the action date is there any way to gauge how effective the toilet construction exercise has been in bringing about the sanitization behavioural change? In first world countries be it mall or station the toilets are just worth visiting without even a single rupee paid.
    Hence as tourists, it gives a different perspective on cleanliness. Can we ensure that the toilets at tourist places and local places are well kept? at least to make it a good feel for the locals and tourists
  2. Basic Education to Girl child – Can there be a rule in the country that every girl child must have a right to basic education?. Make it compulsory for them to go to schools. Let the  NGO’s be given this fruitful task.
  3.  Fine on trains – It not just the metro or the monorails the local trains that carry lakhs of passengers to work every day, Can there be a system to not eat in trains? First world countries have taken serious steps to ensure that their transport system is neat. Can the govt take steps to educate this in the minds of people and instill a discipline to not eat in trains? Heavy fines must be imposed on those caught

      4. Garbage segregation in the minds of people – While giving importance to segregate wet and dry waste

why not  remove the garbage out of peoples mind

– Educate them about throwing garbage on any roads, especially in front of schools, medical places like hospitals

– Impose a heavy fine on theft and other scrupulous activities. If caught should be punished. Speed up the process. Justice takes too much time.  They must be deterred to behave in that way.

– Impose food and water sanitization. Compulsory washing of hands before cooking or eating

– Traffic signal defaults and over speeding be caught and fined heavily

5. Better roads – Can we have pot-free roads? Can the government ensure that before every rain all the garbage and plastic is taken off roads?  Can the roads be so good that the office commuters don’t face the trouble of traffic jams? Trains can they have closed doors to avoid accidents? Mumbai trains carry lakhs of people. People sitting on the trains, leaning out etc… can this stop?

Can there be shades on the footpath and make it easy for travelers and also protection from rain?Can we look at other international countries the laws, facilities, and life the citizens?

  It must just not be Swachh Bharat it must be  Shining Bharat #BlogToPM

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Super foods make Super brains

Super foods make Super brains


When it comes to kids it’s always a thought that goes into a moms head… So is mine .. my three years old boy is someone who always keeps me busy..

As elders say eating is not important, what the kids eat is important hence, from a young age it’s important to give foods which will help them stay healthy…

Some foods which I believe as a mom kids can have are below:-

  1. Dal khichdi – Moong dal is protein and Rice has the carb. Mixed with veggies like carrots, beans, pumpkin, cabbage, beetroot, potatoes make a good meal…
  2.  Ghee – Ghee made from cows milk make a good bowel movement. Everyday dabble a spoon either in rice or Chappatis ..
  3. Dry fruits – Cashews, Badam, Pista, Dates, walnuts.. these contain, Vitamins and essential oils which give energy and sharper brains
  4. Oats – A source of high fiber and extremely healthy. Either make it like a porridge with toppings if different fruits like apples and bananas
  5. Eggs- High source of  protein, very good source of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc
  6. Supplements – Fish oil or gummies which contain fish oils of shark or tuna is extremely healthy. This is a good option for veggies…
  7. Milk – High source of calcium and good for bones. You can always make shakes or give the favorite drink of kids like Milo or Horlicks
  8. Raagi – High protein content and very healthy

It’s so amazing to see our kids develop and that they become much smarter and super …..

I love experimenting foods, so do you as well?

That one click!!!!


The day you turn 23 the word marriage has already hit your head… yes and its swirling all around you.

At family functions, visitors at home, on the telephone while chatting .. Gosh it’s everywhere.. like sugar… it’s everywhere…

Radhika was the eldest daughter of 2 in a small nuclear family in Mumbai she was known by that house name … after completing her MBA the next agenda of her life was Marriage… Her mother was already going nuts as if the marriage was to happen in the next one hour. She just wanted to run away.. but she knew that one day or the other she had to get married.

As usual her profile was registered on Tamil Matrimony and if this was not enough few other recommendations from aunties and elderly folks. Time passed things were going not so smooth. First of all, there was this astrologer whom her mother consults who asked her to do some poojas… a list of problems, star, time, raasi and what and all…

One astrologer to another sending and receiving emails. The common answer from boys side the horoscope doesn’t match, the girl needs to be in US and blah… blah.. The boys she met for coffee couldn’t get materialized.

This was on for some time until she decided that now she will take some steps. She re-registered her profile and didn’t let her parents know it. It was a pretty open information compared to what her parents had put. She changed her photo as she was prettier at 26 now… Having worked abroad gave her more scope to alliances.

One day, as usual, she was browsing the internet and logged in to the matrimony site. Little did she know that this time it’s going to change her life. As she was browsing she came across a profile which she felt was a good fit. But she was in a dilemma if she must or not. But a bit of confusion in mind she sent a mail to the boy’s party. Little did she know that this would be a turning point in her life.

To her surprise, the boy accepted the profile. It was a Sunday afternoon and the phone bell rang. A female voice said can I talk to your father, thinking of a regular phone call I passed it on to my dad. As they were talking Radhika figured that it was the same profile she had sent an interest in. Her joy knew no boundaries…..

Post discussion of parents it finally came to both her and the boy talking and as time went by they liked each other and the marriage was fixed. It was a happy moment for both the families. The marriage went off well…

Radhika today is a wife to a guy who is a cute, smart and charming boy.. and as years passed by both of them joke of the crazy people they met during their search for alliance and in between a small cute boys voice comes and out and her loving son just jumps in to the bed filling their times with laughter and happiness…

Who was he?


Who was he?

Rani was a vivacious, beautiful and charming girl. She was always fashion conscious and dreamt of owning a 5-carat diamond ring some day… She would always think that one day a rich handsome guy would propose her with a diamond ring. Nevertheless, her parents were trying to find a perfect match and being a middle-class family girl these were just a mere dream in her life….

Working in an MNC for almost 5 years finally knocked her doors of international opportunity to Paris  … the mecca of style and fashion. Rani was as much excited as it was one opportunity that she saw to get to where she wanted to.

Her friends always told her that it’s an amazing chance to find her love life an Indian rich NRI and Rani would blush…. She bid good bye to her parents and her excitements grew no bounds… As she landed in Paris she was just too overwhelmed with the culture and style and fashion she had never seen before….

Being a shopaholic she was always falling short of money but was saving enough to buy her dream ring. Rani’s office was in the main business area. The place she lived was near a mall which had everything she wanted from clothes, shoes, cosmetics and diamond jewelry. One evening Rani set out to explore the mall and stood in front of a jewelry shop and would keep staring at the diamond ring. Her mind would say Wow.. so beautiful. I wish I had it.. every day from work she would stand in front of the same shop. One day she noticed a shadow…. it was a man …

She was scared and pushed off. The shadow followed her for a while and then disappeared. Rani literally held her breath… This happened every day…. Rani then stopped going to the shop and started taking the other route to go home. She would fear of the black coat guy whom she saw in the Hindi films.

Rani’s birthday was approaching and she had invited her office collaeagues at home… Rani had always loved to dress up. She had bought a red dress from a near buy mall. Her  friend had bought her a lovely cake and they had a nice dinner with songs and dance and of-course her favorite Bollywood track…

Her friends had showered her with gifts and it made her day. It was 10 pm at night and was pretty cold. Her friends bid her a good-bye and she thanked them as well.

After freshening up she started opening the gifts one by one and till then a bell rang…. Rani froze….. It was 11.30 in the night… She was so scared and thought if the shadow of the man in the black coat reached her house. She went to the door and peeped through the peephole. There was no one. Her heart was beating so fast and she was sweating.

With great strength, she opened the door and gave a voice asking “Who is it? There was absolute silence .. the cold wind hit her face. She was about to close the door and something hit her toes.

It was a tiny packet. Rani picked the gift and there was a card attached to the gift, it read to the Most Beautiful Girl…. Happy Birthday!!!!.. She was exited as well as tensed…

She sat on her bed and as she opened the tiny box she couldn’t believe her eyes.. It was the same diamond ring and it came it with a message

Will you marry me?… Rani’s eyes watered.. she was so over whelmed and didnt know what to do….

She stood across the window gazing at the sky.. the stars were never so beautiful … and she thought to herself and with a smile she said Who was he?…..




Nepal Diaries

Holy birthplace of Lord Buddha, the blessing of Lord Shiva, kiss with the mountains, ride like a king on the elephant and say a big Hi to the crocs. That’s what’s is my top seeing in Nepal

A country like Nepal has more to offer than just than the mountains. The trip to Nepal unfolded all the beauty and fun….

Here are my top places to see in Nepal

1.Birth place of Lord Buddha:- One of the UNESCO heritage site and pilgrimage centre. The holy center has a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond, the Ashoka pillar and Mayadevi temple. Archaeological remains associated with the birth of the Lord Buddha form a central place of interest


Birth place of buddha
Lumbini Birth place of Buddha


Pilgrims meditate under a tree


2. Boudhnath Stupa: – It is the largest stupa in Nepal and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet

The stupa is located in the town of Boudha, on the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu. Boudnath Stupa looks like a giant mandala, the scared hym Om Mani Padme Hum – is carved on the prayer wheels beside the images of Avalokiteshvara around the base of the stupa.


3. Sarangkot: – Located on the outskirts of Pokhara city is the hill known as Sarangkot. It offers both sunrise and sunset viewing.
The beautiful sunset of the Annapurna range just gives an exemplary visual treat. The scene is so beautiful that the eyes just don’t let you go away…. It’s a gateway to the Annapurna Valley and close to Pokhara.


Beautiful view of sunset from an uphill at Sarangkot

4. Pokhara – The Pokhara is Nepal’adventure and leisure city, a trekking gateway to the Annapurna’s with plenty of entertainment for solo travelers as well as families with kids.

In Pokhara you can experience the best in trekking, boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding or simply relax at one of the lakes near the city with the stunning Annapurna mountain range at the background.

The below pic is a view of the fishtail mountain also known as Machapuchare from Fishtail lodge a view from our hotel. The morning view was just so beautiful that it captivates your feelings like you are somewhere else.

Fishtail mountain view from the hotel

5. Kiss with Everest – the most awaiting and fascinating moment lies when you come close to the tallest mountain of the universe Mt. Everest. Lucky that we could see .. thanks to the clear weather. This one ride must never be missed

Everest flight ride

6. Chitwan – If you miss Chitwan then you have certainly missed the fun… rustic stay, the tribal dance, the elephant safari, spotting one horn rhino and close encounter with Crocs


Boat ride in chitwan


Elephant Safari at Chitwan National park
elephant camp at Chitwan

6 Patan Darbar Square

Patan, is the oldest of all the three cities of Kathmandu Valley. It is the best known for its artistic heritage. It is probably one of the oldest Buddhist City in the world. The city is surrounded by 4Stupas as 4 corners of Patan, one at each corner of its cardinal points. These stupas are said to have been built by the famous Emperor Ashoka

The Major attraction of Patan Darbar Square are:-

a. Patan Museum

b. Hiranya Varna Mahavihar

c. Golden window

d. Mahabouddha Temple

e. Golden temple

f.krishna temple

patan darbar square
patan darbar square

Nepal is certainly my favourite visit and even readers who will read this must try and make a Nepal trip…

Thanks for reading my Nepal diaries…….