The Green Serenity- Taj Kumarakom

The Green Serenity- Taj Kumarakom

Away from the monotonous schedule at times the lush and calm greens evoke a need for a short break. What could be better if it coincides with the Wedding Anniversary. A visit to a wood or a wine country, a mountaintop or a shore, couldn’t have been better for a surprise anniversary trip.

My 5th Anniversary was approaching and as usual we wanted to travel with our son Advaith. This being our first solo family trip and yes it was exiting. My husband said we are traveling and pack your bags for a 4 day trip. He said “The place will not be told to you just get some nice clothes as its our anniversary trip”. This was really exiting but was curious as well as I wanted to know the place.

The D day finally arrived we left for the airport on the 24th June. On receiving the boarding pass I figured out that we are going to Kochi.. Wow .. excitement has no limits as I knew I was going to one of my favourite places Kerala.. But where that was still a surprise!!!

On landing in the airport we took a quick Chaya (Tea) break from one of the stalls and we took a cab as it was 2 hour journey and as I was nearing the destination I figured that we are among the lush green back waters.
The Calm and cool breeze took off all the tiredness we had from an early morning flight..

As we approached the venue my eyes couldn’t believe that I was in one of the most beautiful places I could have been -“Taj Kumarakom”. We reached the resort at 1.30pm in the afternoon. The lush green and the back water lagoon was a perfect treat for an Anniversary gift.

Taj Kumarakom truly was Taj – The staff welcomed us with a traditional Mala and a chilled welcome drink -Coconut water which perfect for a warm and humid weather. Apart from the warm welcome from the staff my son got a special treat for his eyes the Gooses with their sweet sounds. I could see the thrill in his eyes and recollecting the poem – “5 little ducks went out one day”

The rooms were neatly done with Kerala wood finishing and the view of the backwater lagoon was a perfect view for a beautiful sit out… The speciality  of Taj apart from hospitality was also the food.. The traditional Kerala food was mouth watering and also special recommendation from the chefs end made it more relishing for the perfect weather…

Also a chance to cook with the chef was a lovely learning experience.  The beauty of the resort was the back waters of Vembanad lake. The cruise boat ride arranged by Taj with special  Paruppu Vada and Chaya (Tea) was a special treat of the evening. The evening programme with Thiruvadira Kali – the traditional Kerala dance and instrumental music made the dinner even more enjoyable. For the first time we went on the speed boat in the backwaters was a amazing experience. Spotting water snakes, birds and water lily along with house boats was truely a treat..

On 26th June our wedding day there was a cake cutting that was organized by Taj which truly made our anniversary a special treat.

What I am amazed to see how Taj along with brilliant hospitality also preserves the greenery beautifully maintaining it’s green landscape. The green serenity was blissful and truly beauty of Kerala.

The Lake Side View of the Cottage at Taj Kumarakom

The Lake Side View of the Cottage 

View of the Vembanad Lake from Taj Kumarakom

Nature at its best – Taj Kumarakom

The Backwaters at Taj Kumarakom

The Backwaters at Taj Kumarakom

Houseboat in the Backwaters of Lake Vembanad

Houseboat in the Backwaters of Lake Vembanad

Heritage Hotels at Kumarakom Lake Resort

Heritage Hotels at Kumarakom Lake Resort

Bird Watching in the Backwaters at Kumarakom

Bird Watching in the Backwaters at Kumarakom