Those 9 colourful days ….

When we think of the word Nav means 9 and raatri means night yes .. Navaratri a festival which is most awaited especially among ladies … a festival which has fun, colors and a chance to have a social gathering… It usually comes during autumn every year and is celebrated in different ways in India. […]

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Bintan ….A short weekend gateway…

It’s been ages that I even took a short weekend break.A place which is far away from the buzzing town where the soft air hits your cheeks and your hair strands come close to your eyes… Such a place was not too far away from Singapore ..yeah. that’s where I live … Bintan a small […]

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Singapore Airlines

Choose The Best Get The Best

One fine day as I was staring through my window my husband called me and said, Hey I have a news for you!!!!!! What ? tell fast .. I found a sense of surprise and happiness in his voice and I couldn’t hold on… Ok.. Finally I have got what we were waiting for a […]

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