Treat for Rains :Stomach Calls Onion Pakodas!!!!

Treat for Rains :Stomach Calls Onion Pakodas!!!!

When it comes to rain or cold we always like to have something hot .. may be a cup of chai(tea) or some savory snacks…

The street food in Mumbai is always buzzing with different crispy snacks specially during monsoon.
Vada, Samosa,bhajji and what not.. But what makes a rainy day special is kanda (onions )pakodas.. nothing can beat it…

The shops sell onion pakodas like hot cakes, but preparing and eating the same at home has its own taste .. ghar ka khana…

My family relocated to Singapore recently and the weather here has been hot, sweaty and at times humid. One of these days was similar to this . The day began with a dull sky, and as weekend had come the fun to go out had completely ruined by the rains.

I live in a tall condominium and as I looked out of my window the thick black cloud just gave such a loud thunder and then it started  pouring which was non- stop. As evening approached I went to make a cup of tea for me and my husband, and suddenly my husbands voice said ” Stomach calling onion pakodas”……

And yes this stuck to my mind to make the evening very eventful.. I quickly scanned through the storage to see if I have all the right ingredients and yes I did have.

Quickly I diced the onions, chillies and Coriander leaves but was not sure of the mixture of the batter. I suddenly remembered how my mother used to make wonderful pakodas. I quickly rang her and asked ” Amma what is the ratio of the batter for making onion pakodas?” Amma said 1 rice flour : 1/2 cup besan . I quickly said thank you amma and started making the batter.

The hot oil in the gas was waiting for the pakoda batter and my husband said Can I also get a hot ginger tea along with the pakodas?… As the pakodas were frying in the oil the nice golden colour gave a wonderful texture and crispiness to the pakodas. As I finished making them the ginger also made its way to the table

My husband took a bite and said Brilliant ….. perfect for a rainy day….. my face blushed with a smile. I was so happy that the day was made ….

I thanked the rains for getting me to make onion pakodas and ginger tea .. what a perfect combination!!!!

As I was sipping the hot tea, I recollected all my college days where we used to say” Bhaiya,  Ek plate  Garma Garam pakode dena”!!!!!